You'll do better with Baker!

You'll do better with Baker!


  • Our number one goal is for you to gain the knowledge, skills and practical experience for a better employment future.
  • Our graduate employment rate is over 97%.
  • You will be in a great learning environment at a small, friendly college.

When you come to Baker College, your studies and college life focus on classes that are all geared toward helping you gain the skills you need to begin or enhance a rewarding career.

At Baker, we can help you do better because we know what you'll need to do well in today’s world and job market—and by helping you gain the skills and education that will prepare you for a bright future.

This has been our mission since our college first opened its doors in 1911. Since that time, we have grown to serve over 43,000 students on 9 campuses, 6 branch locations, and online worldwide. Our degree programs and course selections are designed to keep pace with advancing technology and a changing workplace.

You’ll do better with Baker . . .
Gaining the Skills You Need to Enter the Job Market

At Baker College, our Admissions Advisors work closely with you to identify the course of study—and career—that’s right for you.

Our more than 100 master’s, bachelor's, associate's degree programs, and certificate programs are designed by experienced educators and dedicated advisory board members from the working world to give you the specialized skills and training you need to enter your field of interest.

Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Health Sciences, Human Service, Teaching, Engineering, and Technical studies are just some of the careers we offer. Our programs are purposely limited to areas in which employment probability is high and opportunity for growth abounds.

Our Smart Degree Option gives you even more flexibility in planning for your future. Start out with a two-year associate's degree, and then, with two more years of study, build to a bachelor’s degree. This gives you the opportunity to take courses in your area of interest right from the beginning of your college career. Not to mention you’ll start your career two years sooner. Master’s degree programs provide avenues for enriching job skills and broadening career objectives.

You’ll do better with Baker . . .
Learning in a Small College Environment

At Baker College, we combine the best of college life with the education and training you need to be ready for the job market.

Our 17 campuses are professional and comfortable, located in beautiful settings both in urban and suburban areas. Our faculty are experts in their fields, and are supported by modern classrooms and libraries and the most up-to-date equipment available.

We keep our classes small so you can build a close working relationship with our faculty members. This helps you get the individualized attention you need to get the most out of your coursework.

You can build good relationships with your fellow students, too. Whether full-time or part-time, our students are serious about their education and where it will lead them.

We understand the importance of time, so our classes are designed to be practical and no-nonsense. Class schedules are designed to accommodate busy student lifestyles. For those whose job responsibilities preclude attending weekday classes, online classes and weekend program options are available.

You’ll do better with Baker . . .
Finding a Job Once Your Training Is Complete

At Baker College, a very high percentage of our available graduates are employed in meaningful, satisfying jobs. That’s a proven track record made possible by the application of customized employment seminars, personalized job search assistance, and continuous contact with hundreds of employers.

At anytime throughout your career, our Lifetime Career Service can help you find the job for which you’ve worked so hard to prepare. While you’re attending Baker, we’ll help you find part-time positions, including co-op or internship programs, which often can lead to permanent positions.

Our goal is to help our graduates successfully enter—and remain in—the job market. Your success is our success.

You’ll do better with Baker . . .
Come See for Yourself

Please read through this Web site to learn more about how Baker College can help you build a brighter future.

Better yet, take the time to visit us. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to hear your goals, tell you about our programs, and give you a tour of the campus. You may schedule an appointment with an Admissions Advisor by contacting our Admissions Department or by using our online Schedule a Visit tool.

Please join our Baker family. We’ll help you meet your aspirations to be a better employee, to be a better person, and to enjoy a better life. Yes, look to Baker College. For a career. For a future. For a life.

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