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Baker College Library


On-campus and online.

All the resources to help you succeed.

When you want to do research, group work, or just need a quiet place to study or chill, our state-of-the-art library is the place to be. 

Every Baker College library is linked through the Internet and the interlibrary loan system, so you have access to information, books, research, and other resources throughout the entire Baker system, along with more than 100 online resources, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Faculty / Staff Resources

Baker College Libraries provide research and reference materials that support curricula and promote self-development. 

  • The combined book collection of the Baker College Library System currently consists of almost 300,000 items available for student, staff, and faculty use through 11 campus libraries.
  • Our libraries open the door to more than 100 online resources that allow access to 60,000 magazines and journals, interactive maps covering the entire world, over 5,000 films, and 35,000 electronic books.  
  • Our electronic resources are also available remotely using the Baker College ID card, which is also our library card. 

Library Instruction 

Baker College librarians can work with you to: 

  • Design and present general or customized library instruction for any course.
  • Familiarize your students with the book catalog and other library databases.
  • Provide refresher sessions for upper level classes.
  • Ease research anxiety and information overload.
  • Discuss finding appropriate academic resources.
  • Conduct library tours.
  • Develop Research Guides for specific courses.

Support for Assignments and Research 

If you currently have an assignment for your students that includes library work, our library staff can test it for you to be sure we have the information and resources your students will need. If you want students to have more exposure to doing library research, we can work with you to create an assignment that incorporates more research. 

Faculty Course Reserves

When you want to supplement your course material, you can place items on reserve to ensure that all students will have access. Reserve items are for in-library use only, unless other arrangements are made in advance between you and the library.  To view reserves for classes: 

Items Suitable for Reserve

  • Single copies of personally owned books, videos, articles or other media
  • Books available through the Baker College Library general collection
  • Supplementary course materials such as lecture notes, sample tests, and answer keys
  • Journal or magazine articles available through one of the library's online databases

Note: Compliance with current copyright law must be assured.

To Reserve Print Materials

  • Contact your campus library
  • If you would like us to reserve your materials, you can drop them off in person at the library, or use an Interoffice envelope.
  • Please allow sufficient time for us to process new reserve requests before sending students to the library. Generally, we can have materials available within 24 hours of receipt. 
  • We recommend completing the reserve process prior to the beginning of classes each quarter.

To Reserve Online Materials

  • Contact your campus library
  • Provide the name of publication, article, author, publication date, volume, and issue number, if possible. 
  • We will check our databases for electronic access and notify you of the article's availability.
  • Articles cannot be directly linked in Blackboard using the URL. Please contact your campus librarians for assistance.
  • If your reserve item is available from one of the library's online resources, you can point your students to it using the following sample format:

             Ten (updated) Principles of Academic Integrity: how faculty can
             foster student honesty.
             Donald L. McCabe and Gary Pavela.
             Change 36.3 (May-June 2004): p10(6). (3554 words).
             Availability: Academic OneFile database.

Note: Students must first be logged into the online resources in order to view articles.

Copyright Guidelines

To prevent copyright infringement, please utilize Fair Use standards to evaluate your proposed use of copyrighted material using the following criteria below.  When the factors in the aggregate weigh toward fairness, use is better justified. When in doubt, seek permission.

  • Purpose and character – If your use is for teaching at a nonprofit educational institution and access is restricted to your students, this favors fair use.
  • Nature of copyrighted works – If the work is fact-based, published, or out-of-print, this favors fair use.
  • Amount used – Using a small portion of a whole work is generally considered fair use.  Sometimes it may be considered fair to use an entire work, such as an image, if it is needed for instructional purposes.
  • Market effect – A use is more likely to be fair if it does not harm the potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work.
  • Read more about using copyrighted materials in your classroom at Know Your Copy Rights.

Helpful Information and Videos

Ask a Librarian

We’re here to ensure you can access the information and resources you need, and use them effectively. If you need any assistance, or have a question, ask a librarian. 

  • Stop in at any campus library
  • Submit a question online to Ask Us
  • Text Us at (810) 771-8959 

Baker Online and Graduate Studies
1116 W. Bristol Road
Flint, MI 48507, USA

Toll-Free: (888) 854-1058  
Local: (810) 766-4217 
Fax: (810) 766-2003  


Library Hours

Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm ET
(Phone and E-mail)

Saturday - Sunday: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm ET


Patrick Mullane
Remote Services Librarian

Kelly Bayee
Remote Services Librarian

Callie Fisher
Library Services Associate

Library Policies

User Eligibility

Library services are available to students, faculty, and staff associated with the Graduate and Online programs. 
Some services may not be available for students at international and/or overseas locations. Contact an online librarian for details.

User Support

Baker Online librarians provide assistance with:

  • Locating and delivering relevant sources for your research papers and other assignments.
  • Using the library databases.
  • Citing sources correctly.

Requests for Baker Materials: 

  • Request Baker-owned books directly from the library catalog. We can ship them to the address you designate or you can pick them up from a local Baker campus library. 
  • Books will not be shipped to international and/or overseas locations.
  • Books on reserve and those assigned for limited circulation, and media materials cannot be shipped out.

Requests for Non-Baker Materials:

  • Request non-Baker materials using the Request Form, giving as much information as possible so we can locate the item(s).
  • All borrowed books must be returned. Articles are yours to keep.
  • Online students, even Michigan residents, are not eligible for MELCat services through Baker College. Check with your local library to see if they are part of the MELCat system.

Materials Delivery and Processing Time:

  • We process requests within 1-2 business days.
  • We ship items to the address listed in the SOLAR System.
  • Baker-owned materials should arrive within 7-10 days; interlibrary loan materials within 10 days.
  • Articles in electronic format are usually sent as a link or attachment via e-mail; otherwise, we mail them.
  • Request status: Requests for materials can be checked in your account in the book catalog.

Technical Support for Database Access:
Working with the databases may require changes to your computer and browser settings. Visit Computer Support at Home for specific instructions and information. Contact an online librarian for additional personal assistance.

Book Loan Period

  • Initial loan period for books is 3 weeks. 
  • Limit of 4 books per subject.
  • Maximum of 20 items checked out at one time.

Book Renewals

If no one else is waiting for the book, Baker books can be renewed once for 3 weeks. To renew books, visit My Account

Book Requests, Shipping, Pick-Up, and Returns

  • Books you request can be shipped to the location you select. Books will NOT be shipped to international and/or overseas locations.
  • Books shipped to your home will first be sent to the Online campus, then to the address you designate. 
  • Books shipped to your home will be sent via UPS. A pre-paid return address label will be enclosed for book returns. There is no charge to you, the student.
  • Return shipping cia USPS or UPS for books shipped to P.O. Box address will be your responsibility.
  • You can pick-up and return books to any Baker campus library. 
  • When you request items from the catalog, choose the campus for your pick-up location.
  • As a 100% Online student, when you request items from the catalog, choose the Online campus for your pick-up location if you want the books shipped to the address in the SOLAR System.

Charges and Fees

  • Fines for overdue books: 10 cents per day, per item.
  • Replacement costs for lost or damaged books: Price of the book, plus a $10 processing fee.
  • Charges/Fees information can be viewed by visiting My Account.
  • Photocopies of articles: no charge. Articles are yours to keep.

Program Finder

Start today and discover the program that is right for you.


  • Do online students have access to a library?

    As a Baker College student, you:

    • Can use any of the nine campus libraries, and access most of them online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Can browse the Baker library collections as well as many other libraries all over North America.
    • Have access to journal articles, which can be downloaded from the online databases.

    Our online library provides a variety of services to help you with your research. Talk with your Development Coordinator to learn more.

  • Is there online tutoring for APA styles?

    Online students can find help with APA citations and formatting in their Blackboard classroom.

    • Cick the Online Tutoring button on the left-hand side of the page.
    • Click on Schedules. 
    • Click on English (between Economics and Finance).
    • Click the Enroll button next to APA Questions & Answers Classroom.
    • Click Submit.

    After you enroll in the APA Classroom, you'll find all the available APA-related resources. You can also ask questions on the Discussion Board, which is monitored by Baker's online librarians. For more information, contact us at library@baker.edu.

  • Why can't I see my library articles?

    Our library may not currently include the full-text article. Only about 60% of a database includes full-text articles; the other 40% is citations and abstracts.

    • Check the E-Journals A-Z to see if another database in our collection offers the full-text article you want.
    • If you are asked to enter a barcode number or library card number, enter the 14-digit number located on the back of your student ID; it starts with 235. If the full-text article is available, you will get access.
    • If you cannot find the full-text article, submit a request using the online request form. We will supply the full article from our in-house collection or get it from another agency.

    In future searches of the database for articles, choose the limit option, Full Text, before you click Search. This ensures your list of articles will only include those which are full-text online.

    If you need further help, please contact your campus librarian, and someone will work with you individually.

  • How can I read the e-books I found on my library search? I went to Safari Tech Books online but could not log in.

    Your Safari e-book access might be caused one of the following issues:

    • Safari Tech Books only allows a limited number of people to use their books at the same time. Try accessing the e-book later.
    • Baker College subscribes to a limited number of Safari Tech Books. If the book you were trying to access is not on our current "active" list, we can swap out Safari e-books. Send the title, author and link (if available) to <interloan@baker.edu>and we can make the switch within 3 business hours.

    You can also try one of the following methods to access e-books:

    • Search our Online Book Catalog.
    • Type your keywords in the Search box, AND use the pull down menu to select Baker College Electronic Resources.
    • Select an e-book from the list of results.
    • Click on the URL link, which will direct you to the e-book.
    • Search the EBSCO host e-book database. All EBSCO host books are e-books.
    • Search the MyiLibrary e-book database. All MyiLibrary books are e-books.

    If you are off-campus, you need to use your 14-digit library card number, which is located on the back of your Baker ID Card. It's also available through the SOLAR System.

    For more information about electronic books and articles, see our E-Book and E-Reader Guide.

  • How big are online classes?

    Our online classes are smaller than on-ground classes, and typically have 12-15 students. 

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