Health Information Technology

About Us


The mission of the Health Information Technology Program is to provide students with the opportunity to build on knowledge and develop the skills necessary to be employed as a Health Information Management professional.

Goals and Objectives

  • The primary goal of the Health Information Technology Program at Baker College is to establish and maintain an educational program which is accredited and of the highest quality.
  • It is our intent to graduate students who have developed the professional and personal attitude and skills necessary to begin their careers as health information technicians and successfully pass the national examination.
  • To achieve this goal, an appropriate curriculum has been developed for the Health Information Technology Program, which enables the student to demonstrate the Domains, Sub-Domains and Student Learning Outcomes for health information technicians. 

Program Outcomes

  • The graduate will obtain an entry-level position in any aspect of health information.
  • The graduate will demonstrate entry-level ability to understand and adapt health information management skills to a work environment.
  • The graduate will demonstrate entry-level competencies.
  • The graduate will demonstrate professional and ethical conduct in their employment.
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