Radiologic Technology

Application Information

Future Students

Enroll at Baker College

An online application is available for Undergraduate and Graduate admission.

You may also print the Application for Undergraduate Admission and apply through mail, or at the campus nearest you.

Returning Students

Returning students do not need to re-apply. Please contact the Academic Office on the campus that you plan to attend about returning to Baker College.

Current Students

Application Deadline:

Download the Application for the Radiologic Technology program (for reference only).  Please contact the campus program director with which you are applying to access application / testing dates and deadlines.

Application Process:

Initial selection will be based on the score that you provide in the box at the bottom of the application worksheet. The highest scoring applications will need to be verified before making initial candidate selections. Letters of initial (provisional) acceptance will be sent out during the last week of June. For those who have not yet completed SCI 211 with a grade of B- or better by the application deadline, final acceptance into the program will not occur until successful completion (B- or better) of the course during the summer quarter.

Limited Enrollment:

Full acceptance into the professional track of some programs is limited due to clinical site availability. Students compete to earn acceptance into these programs. Selection criteria have been developed to choose the most qualified students for limited enrollment programs.  Students who have successfully completed the conditional acceptance requirements for their program are eligible to apply for full acceptance in to the professional track of the program. Refer to the program information supplement for program specific details on the application process, the criteria used, and the courses used in the GPA calculations.

Once selected through the limited enrollment criteria, for full acceptance into a program, students must complete program requirements including, but not limited to: program specific orientations, background checks, drug screens, etc. Please contact your campus official for additional information.

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