Vascular Ultrasound Technology

Program Overview

Program Description

This program prepares the student by academic and clinical training to provide patient services using diagnostic ultrasound to perform vascular testing under the supervision of a physician. This program will prepare the student to perform these skills in a variety of health care settings.

The Profession

The field of vascular ultrasound evolved to provide physicians with a safe and accurate method to obtain anatomical images and evaluate blood flow characteristics.  These are necessary to diagnose and follow many conditions related to the blood vessels outside the heart.  Vascular technologists are responsible to:

  • Obtain a vascular history              
  • Exercise independent judgment
  • Determine risk factors         
  • Provide a preliminary report
  • Identify signs & symptoms       
  • Recognize emergency situations
  • Apply proper testing techniques        
  • Detect equipment malfunctions
  • Accurately demonstrate anatomy     
  • Provide patient care and comfort
  • Accurately demonstrate blood flow   
  • Provide patient education
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