Parking Information

Parking Information


Where Can I Get My Parking Permit?
Parking permits can be obtained in the Campus Safety Office located on the first floor of the Auburn Hills Campus.

How do I Display My Parking Permit?
Parking permits must always be displayed while on campus, in plain sight either on the rear view mirror or on the driver’s side dash board (unobstructed from view).  Failure to properly display your parking permit may result in a parking ticket (see fine schedule) or towing at the owner’s expense.

How Many Permits Can I Get?
Students are allowed up to 2 parking permits at no cost to the students or staff.

Where Can I Park?
Parking is allowed in unrestricted parking areas of the campus.  Visitor Parking, Handicap Parking, and Designated Parking areas for Baker College staff, are restricted to students without the appropriate documentation and approval.

Vehicle Maintenance:
Vehicle maintenance is prohibited in all parking lots.

Can I Leave My Vehicle Here Overnight or During Break?
Vehicles cannot be left in the parking lots overnight or during breaks without special permission from the Campus Safety Office.


Parking Violation Fine
Handicapped Parking $25.00
Failure to Display Parking Permit $25.00
Fire Lane $25.00
Pedestrian Crossing $25.00
Posted Admissions Parking $25.00
Towed Vehicle $75.00
Visitor Parking $25.00
Other Fines $10.00
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