Student Organizations

American Sign Language Club

Advisor Info:
Joy Thomasson
(248) 276-8226

The American Sign Language Club is an active organization committed to improving sign language skills of Baker students, future interpreters, and the public.

" We would establish a peer support system for future interpreters, students, and ASL users

" Build networks in the Deaf Community

" Provide ITP students practical experience and training in their field of study and interest

The ASL Club affords its members the ability to network with professionals in the local field. Members frequently participate in college activities and fundraising events, as well as Guest speakers, workshops, and continued use of ASL.

Membership is open to anyone in the Deaf Community, related to the Deaf Community, working with/ will be with the Deaf Community, or anyone interested in American Sign Language.

The ASL Club meets approximately once a month; as well as attending many exciting and interesting activities related to the Deaf culture.

Visit the ASL Club website!

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