Student Organizations

Paralegal Club (PC)

Advisor Info:
Cynthia Pike, J.D. Melissa Manela, J.D.
(248) 276-8783 (248) 276-8783

The Paralegal Club is an active organization of students in the paralegal program dedicated to promoting the paralegal profession and paralegal education.

The Paralegal Club affords its members the ability to network with professionals in the local field. Members frequently participate in college activities and fund-raising events, as well as informational seminars and discussions.

Membership is open to students enrolled in the paralegal program as well as those interested in the paralegal field.

The Paralegal Club meets approximately once a month, subject to the many exciting and interesting activities related to the legal field.

This link will take you to the Paralegal Club's website, which has important information concerning the club and the Paralegal Program.


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