Student Organizations

Student American Dental Hygienists Association

Advisor Info:
Brenda Marriott
(248) 276-8881

The Student American Dental Hygienists' Association is the critical link to the dental hygiene profession. Through this association, students will learn about current trends that affect the profession and have an opportunity fo network with other students and members of the ADHA through group functions.

Student groups will handle many fund raisers with the monies going directly to community organizations or people in need.

Students must already be accepted into an accredited dental hygiene professional track program in order to join. Students can join either as a first year student or a second year student. There is a $45 annual fee to join. Membership allows a student to access resource online, receive discounts for continuing education programs, have opportunities for scholarship application, receive monthly magazines and obtain a discounted memberhip in the ADHA upon graduation.

These are scheduled bi-monthly by the President of SADHA (class nominates and votes for this person). Minutes are taken and distributed to all active members of that SADHA group.

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