Student Organizations

Teacher Prep Club (TPC)

Advisor Info:
Mrs. Nancy Shannon Dr. Thomas Smith
(248) 276-8225 (248) 276-8296


The mission of this organization shall be to facilitate high quality professional development opportunities for Baker College teacher preparation program students, consistent with the Baker College mission.

Why do we exist?

    to establish a peer support system for future undergraduate educators
    to enhance students' success through continuous assessment and improvement of teaching, learning, and institutional effectiveness
    to provide future educators practical experience and training in their chosen field of study

The club meets monthly to discuss various subjects pertaining to the teaching career. Guest speakers are brought in to speak to the group. Information about state tests is distributed. Additionally, the group does service projects for community groups.

The club is open to students interested in a teaching career.

Watch for announcements via the Voice, the Student Center PowerPoint, in-class announcements, or on the TPC bulletin board in the hallway between the Learning Center and the Library. You may also contact one of the advisors.

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