Campus Safety Services

Campus Safety Services

The Campus Safety Department consists of uniformed, armed campus safety officers, not vested with general law enforcement authority, who patrol the campus both on foot and in vehicles.  The campus is also protected by an array of electronic surveillance equipment that covers both interior and exterior areas of each location.  Additionally, the Campus Safety Department maintains a good relationship with both the Clinton Township and Hazel Park Police Departments and will work with them should the need arise.
Campus Safety Department personnel respond to, investigate, and document all unusual incidents, injuries, medical/other emergencies, or criminal activity that occurs on Baker College property.  Officers have administrative authority to ask for college identification and to determine whether individuals have lawful business at Baker College.  Campus safety officers also have the authority to issue parking tickets.

Escort Service
Upon request, the Campus Safety Department is available to provide escort service to and from vehicles or other campus locations.

Fire/Medical Aid
Campus Safety Department personnel will respond to all medical situations on campus.  First Aid will be rendered, if necessary.  Automated External Defibrillators are immediately available if necessary.

The Campus Safety Department provides investigative services for alleged college policy violations and alleged violations of criminal laws.

Lost and Found
The Campus Safety Department provides “lost and found” services for the college.  Found property should be taken to the Campus Safety Department offices, located either on the main campus room, M-108, or the Technology Center, room TC-113.  

To inquire about lost property, contact the Campus Safety Department, main campus, by telephone at (586) 790-9409 or via email at  

Motor Vehicle Assistance
Upon request, the Campus Safety Department will assist students with disabled vehicles by providing battery jump-starts, assisting with lockouts and providing assistance in other situations if possible.

Parking Permits
All vehicles on campus property must be registered with the Campus Safety Department and must clearly display a college parking permit from the vehicle’s rear view mirror.  Parking is free for students, faculty and staff.  

Student parking permits are available to students at the Library, Academic Office, or Campus Safety Department office, room M-108, main campus building.  Faculty and staff permits are available through the Academic Office, or Campus Safety office, main campus building, during regular business hours.

Safety Information
A safety information rack is available near the Campus Safety Department office, outside room M-108, main campus building.

Special Event Security
The Campus Safety Department provides special event security for social and political events hosted by
Baker College of Clinton Township.  Campus safety officers will work with event planners and college officials to coordinate traffic control and building security for the event.  When the need arises, the Director of Campus Safety will act as college liaison with local, state, and federal officials conducting the event.

Parking Enforcement
Prohibited parking areas are clearly designated either through posted signage or pavement marking.  Parking policies are enforced to provide a safe and secure environment on campus.  

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