Parking Information

Parking Information

Where can I get my parking permit?
New students will receive their parking permit as part of their orientation package.  Replacement permits may be obtained at the Library, Academic Office, or Campus Safety Department office.  There is no charge for the parking permit.
Can I have a motorcycle on campus?
Yes.  Students/staff may park motorcycles in any general parking area; there is no special area designated for motorcycle parking.  Motorcycle parking stickers are available at the Campus Safety Department office, main campus.

How do I display my parking permit?
While on college property, parking permits must be displayed in plain sight, hanging from the vehicle’s interior rear view mirror.  Failure to properly display your parking permit may result in the issuance of a parking ticket or towing at the owner’s expense.

NOTE:  Vehicles should not be operated on public streets with the Baker parking permit hanging from the mirror so as to obstruct the driver’s vision.
How many parking permits can I have?
A student may only have one parking permit.  The parking permit is registered to the student, not the vehicle.  Therefore, the student may use his/her permit in any vehicle.

Where can I park?
Students may park in any parking lot surrounding campus buildings.  However, students shall not park in specially designated areas which are clearly posted by sign or pavement markings, e.g., no parking zones, handicap parking, authorized vehicles only, etc.
Can I leave my vehicle overnight or during break?
Vehicles cannot be left in the parking lots overnight or during breaks without special permission from the Campus Safety Department.
Parking Violation Fines
Parking Violation:  $10.00
Additional Secretary of State Inquiry Fee (Permit Not Displayed): $10.00
Fines are due within five (5) business days of the offense date.  Fines may be paid at the Campus Safety Department office or Business Office, main campus, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Failure to make timely payment may result in grades being withheld.

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