Safety Tips

Safety Tips

General Safety Tips
•    Keep book bags, purses, and other personal belongings in your view at all times.
•    When walking, try to walk in groups or with someone.
•    Walk in areas that are well-lit and well traveled.
•    Walk confidently and assertively.
•    Be alert.  Know your surroundings.
•    Do not hitchhike.
•    Do not listen to earphones while walking, driving, bicycling, or rollerblading.
•    Walk facing traffic if possible.
•    Have keys in hand before reaching vehicle.
•    When parking a vehicle at night, try to select well-lit areas.

Suspicious activity may signal potential criminal conduct.  Remember, safety is everyone’s responsibility.  If a student notices any suspicious activity, he/she should contact a Campus Safety Department officer or a college official immediately.  Some activities that should arouse curiosity are:

•    Vehicles moving slowly without lights or with no apparent destination.
•    Persons wandering or loitering, with no purpose, in or around buildings and parking lots.
•    A stranger sitting for an extended time period, for no apparent reason, in a parked vehicle.

Theft Suppression
•    Never leave your book bag, laptop computer, purse, cell phone or other property unattended.
•    Purses and backpacks should be carried close to the body and under one arm.
•    Keep valuable property serial numbers recorded; mark articles that do not have serial numbers with your driver’s license number.

Vehicle Safety
•    Always lock your car doors.
•    When you return to your car, have your key ready to open the door.
•    Keep your windows rolled up while parked, even in the summer.
•    Do not leave valuables in plain view in the vehicle.
•    Check the car interior before entering.
•    Park in an area that is well lit.

•    When making plans for a date, decide ahead of time where to go and let someone know your destination.
•    Learn to make responsible decisions about whether to drink alcohol and/or use drugs.
•    You have the right to decide who can touch your body.  Set sexual limits and stick to them.

Basic Safety Techniques
•    If you have a choice, walk with others.
•    If you think someone is following you, turn around and check; surprise someone with a hostile look or assertive words such as “don’t follow me.”
•    Walk or run toward people, also if you can call 911.
•    Trust your intuition.
•    If you are sexually assaulted, report it immediately to the Campus Safety Department or a school official.

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