Parking Information

Parking Information

Who is responsible for obtaining and displaying a parking permit?
You are responsible.

Are we allowed more than one permit?
Yes, if you drive more than one vehicle you are allowed up to two permits.

What do I do if I don’t have my parking permit?
Request a temporary permit at the Campus Safety Office.

What does it cost for a parking permit?
Parking permits are free of charge and may be obtained in the Campus Safety Office or the Campus Bookstore.

If we stay in the dorms, where do we park?
Parking is provided adjacent to each Residence Hall.

Are we allowed to park in RHC, RA, Visitor’s, Employee, or Admissions Visitor Parking?
No, you must park where it is designated.

Can we park in Handicapped parking?
Only if you have a valid State of Michigan Handicap Permit.  Anyone using someone else’s handicap permit or parking without a valid State of Michigan Handicap permit will be ticketed and the fee is $100.00.

What if I strain my ankle or my pregnancy is high risk can I get a temporary medical permit?
Yes, if you are on crutches or if you have a special condition and it is verified by a doctor, in writing you can receive a temporary medical permit at Campus Safety.

Parking Violation Fines
Handicapped Parking………………..$100.00
Boot Attachment and Removal………$50.00
All other fines are……………………...$10.00

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