COMPASS Preparation

Waiver Tests

Waiver test credit may be earned for skills already developed. This credit is awarded based on an examination developed by Baker College in the subject area. Any former, current, or prospective student may take any waiver test, as long as prerequisites have been met. All waiver tests must be taken by the student prior to the beginning of the course. Once a student begins a course, he/she is not eligible to take a waiver test. The waiver test for a course may be taken only once.

A full list of classes you can test out of can be found in the current catalogPDF.

Accessing Student Learning Outcomes for Waiver Tests

  • Go to www.baker.edu
  • Click on Solar System
  • Type in user ID and password
  • Select Star system
  • Go to Academic office
  • Click on course documents
  • Select undergraduate (submit)
  • Select the course area
  • Select the course
  • Click on Student Learning Outcomes (open)

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Testing Accomodations

The Learning Support Center may provide testing accommodations for students with documented disabilities.  Each Learning Support Center houses a variety of assistive technology that may aid in meeting requested accommodations. Testing accommodations requiring Learning Center staff assistance may require 72 hours notice.  Students should see his or her individual Learning Support Center to set up testing times and discuss options available.

For more information on requesting accommodations see the Disability Services section, under your campus Academic Office.

Test Proctoring

The Learning Support Center on each campus may offer test proctoring services for students who cannot make it to class during the scheduled testing time. However, the Learning Support Center should be viewed as a secondary option behind other instructor/student alternatives. For your campus's make-up test proctoring procedures, please see their individual page.

Non-Baker Student Proctoring

COMPASS Test for non-Baker students

  • $50 for all three tests
  • $20 for each individual test

Other Non-Baker tests may be proctored for a small fee.

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