Academic Office

At Baker, our Academic Office is designed to meet all of your academic concerns. Our counselors are trained to help you achieve your educational objectives. If you are in need of academic, career, or personal counseling we provide you with the appropriate information and resources to help achieve your academic goals.

If you are looking for transcripts or other academic records, our registrars are ready to help. They are available for consultation regarding changing your program and other course registration concerns.

For general questions contact:

2800 Springport Road
Jackson, MI 49202-1299
Academic Office: (517) 789-6123
Fax: (517) 789-7331

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

For questions regarding a particular program, please contact the dean of the corresponding program.

Academic Staff

Dr. Steve Simpson
Vice President for Academics
(517) 841-4528

Jenni DuBois
Coldwater Campus Director
(517) 781-4484

Marcia Hall
Admin – Academics
(517) 841-4506

Jill Dutton
(517) 780-4547

Melissa McPherson
Library Director
(517) 780-4572

Wendy Cole
Director of Academic Services
517 841-4501

Robin McClain
Academic Resource Coordinator
(517) 841-4500

Josie Hones
Disability Services Coordinator
(517) 841-4523

Tracy Higgins
Academic Advisor
(517) 841-4523

Courtney Stoel
Academic Advisor
(517) 990-6958

Amanda Briggs
Academic Advisor
(517) 841-4508

Kristen Arnold
Academic Advisor
(517) 780-4563



Deans and Other Program Related Staff

Dr David Gomez
Dean of Business and Technology
(517) 780-4561

Dave Windle
Program Director of Management, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resources Mgt
(517) 990-6952

Steve Gates
Program Director of Accounting, Marketing, & Small Bus Mgt
(517) 841-4536

Tracy Nothnagel
Program Director of Paralegal
(517) 841-4531

Cynthia M. VanGieson
Instructional Effectiveness Specialist
(517) 780-4554

Dr. Janelle McGuire
Dean of Education and Human Services
(517) 841-4522

Brad Schweda
Program Director of Human Service
(517) 841-4504

Jean Allison
Program Director of Early Childhood Education
(517) 841-4524

Kevin Lindsey
Program Director of Criminal Justice
(517) 841 - 4517

Jon Johnston
Program Director of Public Safety and Fire Science
(517) 990-6700

Dr. Nic Cooper
Program Director for EDU
(517) 990-6954

Nancy Hill
Dean of General and Developmental Education
(517) 780-4561

Marie Bonkowski
Dean of Health Sciences
(517) 841-4526

Kathy Pulford
Program Director of Health Information Technology
(517) 789-6123

Shelagh Holmes
Program Director of Medical Programs
(517) 780-4573

Teri Fedchenko
Program Director of Radiation Therapy
(517) 780-4562

Julie Jackson
Program Director of Surgical Technology
(517) 789-6123

Katrina Bowers
Program Director of Veterinary Technology
(517) 841-4505

Jan Manning
Program Director of Medical Insurance Specialist
(517) 990-6949

Jeanne Brickner
Program Director of Therapeutic Massage
(517) 841-4502

Debra Hadfield
Practical Nursing Program Director
(517) 780-4575



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