Campus Safety Services

Campus Safety Services

Escort Service:
If at any time you don’t feel safe walking on campus, contact Campus Safety and we will escort you to where you need to go.

Vehicle Jump Starts:
If your vehicle has a dead battery, come to the Campus Safety office and we can help.

Parking Permits:
Students, faculty, and staff are required to have a parking permit when parking on campus.  This allows our office to ensure that no unauthorized vehicles are taking up valuable parking spots and helps us monitor who belongs on campus and who does not.  This also allows us to locate you if there is an issue with your vehicle (example: lights left on).  Faculty and staff get there parking permits from Campus Safety and students get there parking permits from the front desk in the 100 Building.

Student Picture Id Cards:
You must have a valid, readable, and functional ID card when you are on campus.  All IDs are issued at our library in the 100 Building.

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