Parking Information

Parking Information

Where Can I Get My Parking Permit?
Students, Faculty and Staff obtain their parking permit at the Career Service front desk in the 100 building.  

Can I Have a Motorcycle on Campus?
Yes.  Come see Campus Safety to get a permit and fill out paperwork.

How do I Display My Parking Permit?
Parking permits must always be displayed while on campus, in plain sight either on the rear view mirror or on the driver’s side dash board (unobstructed from view).  Failure to properly display your parking permit may result in a parking ticket (see fine schedule) or towing at the owner’s expense.

How Many Permits Can I Get?

Where Can I Park?
In any parking lot except the Faculty and Staff lot which is marked with a sign.

Vehicle Maintenance
All cars in the parking lot must be in working order.  They must be able to start and be moved.  This includes tire maintenance.  Disabled vehicles must be immediately reported to the Campus Safety Office and plans made for their removal.

Can I Leave My Vehicle Here Overnight or During Break?
Vehicles cannot be left in the parking lots overnight or during breaks without special permission from the Campus Safety Office.

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