Severe Weather Information

 Severe Weather Information


In the event classes are cancelled for inclement weather this winter, students will be notified via the Baker College Emergency Notification System (ENS). This system sends out notices via telephone, e-mail and text messages. The College will also notify area radio and television stations about closings and cancellations, but our official sources are the College website at, the weather hotline at 231-777-6666 for announcements about class cancellations, or ENS.

If the College is open but snow and ice prevent you from making it to school, please contact your teacher to notify her or him of your absence.

Michigan’s seasons bring the potential for severe weather.  Spring, summer and even fall have the potential for severe storms and tornados.  This is a good time to remind everyone where the tornado shelters are located for each of the classroom and community buildings on our campus.

Please refer to the locations listed on the emergency evacuation maps in each classroom or office.

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