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All residents are expected to abide by Baker College's Acceptable Usage Policies for all computer usage. This includes computers in labs and personal computers registered on the Baker network. Routers are NOT to be used in conjunction with the College's network at any time. Violations of these policies will result in disciplinary action. The Acceptable Usage Policy can be found on the Baker College Policies page.

The use of computers, cell phones, or any other media devices for the production and/or distribution of inappropriate materials, including but not limited to obscene/pornographic materials, is prohibited.

The Computer Labs are provided first and foremost for academic use. Students using these machines for academic purposes have priority over those utilizing these resources for personal/recreational use.

No software is allowed to be downloaded onto any College computer other than by authorized College personnel.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File Sharing at Baker College:
Baker College is committed to reducing the illegal uploading and downloading of copyrighted works through peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing on campus or residence hall networks. Students and employees need to be aware that such illegal distribution of copyrighted materials may subject them to criminal and civil penalties.

Baker College prohibits the use of ALL P2P applications, including but not limited to BitTorrent and Limewire. In compliance with this policy these technologies are blocked and anyone attempting to circumvent the block is in violation of this policy. Users in violation of College policy are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with their position at the College.

If you are using Baker College's computer network, including any classrooms or laboratories, offices, residence halls, or College-provided wireless connections, the College is your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 2001 requires Baker College to block access to copyrighted materials in a timely fashion when notified that users on its network are sharing copyrighted files.

Complaints typically arrive directly from software, music, and motion picture associations, law firms, and copyright holders in the form of inquiries requesting the College to respond with the name of the user that was on the network at the time the computer was performing certain actions. Sometimes these complaints come in the form of "Early Settlement Letters".

Baker College network officials forward these inquiries or letters to the supervisor of the identified user, or --- in the case of occupants of residence halls --- to the residence hall directors. Baker College will not release the name of the student or employee to the alleged copyright holder unless served with a proper subpoena, court order, or other legal process.

By forwarding these inquiries or letters to the supervisor or the hall director Baker College has made no determination as to whether the student or employee has engaged in copyright infringement, or that the user should enter into an early settlement with the copyright holder. Baker College believes that users should seek legal counsel before responding to these letters.

When the user has removed the offending P2P software the user's network access is automatically restored.

Computer labs are available in various residence hall locations for resident use only. Students using computers for school work have first priority. If all computers are occupied, students chatting on-line or playing games MUST give use of the computer to anyone wishing to use a computer for school work. There is to be NO FOOD OR DRINK in computer labs. Headphones must be used for any computer activities involving sound.

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