Programming Teams

Programming Teams

Academic Programming Team

The academic aspect of this team plans incentive programs that recognize student academic excellence and achievement in positive ways. Examples of past programs include the Study Buck program and the Academic Recognition Banquet.  The team also plans educational programs on relevant topics such as depression awareness, financial aid, or career/major selection as well as fun games that a person needs to use their mind.

Community Service Team

The community service aspect of this team plans programs that focus on giving back to the community of Muskegon on a variety of different levels. Possible programs will range from making Valentine’s Day cards and delivering them to an assisted living center to collecting food for a local food bank to organizing campus blood drives.

Diversity and Social Justice Team

This team will develops a wide variety of programs that deal with timely and need issue of diversity and social justice facing our community and the world at large. Programs may range from panel discussion on topical issues of the day to fields trip to cultural programs and lectureships. The goal of the team is to expose students to a host of issues and broaden their perspective.

IM Sports & Recreation Team

This team develops recreational programs that engage students from all walks of life with a focus on developing quality team sports activities and fitness center opportunities. The team will identify needed equipment upgrades and other student wellness and/or fitness interests and design programs to meet the needs of an expanding student body. IM team members also officiate the games and must demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the field of play. A complete Intramural Sports & Recreation schedule for the current quarter can be found by clicking here .

RA Programs

The Department of Residence Life has an outstanding Resident Assistant Team that develops social and educational programming throughout the academic year. Some great examples are hot dog eating contests, Pie Your RA, Capture the Flag, Twister, Open Mic Night, Madden Football Tournaments, Picture Boards, Guitar Hero, Be-A-Kid Day, Study Buddies, and many, many more.

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