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Q.  When will my student loan refund be released? 

A.  Student loan refunds are transmitted to Higher One upon verification of the following:

  • Must be attending at least half time. (6 credit hours undergrad, 4 credit hours graduate)
  • Week one attendance must be verified.
  •  If you are a new borrower, you must attend 30 days at half-time status before refunds will be released.
  • Refunds are transmitted to Higher One every Friday.


**You must have an activated Baker One Card in order to receive a student refund. If you have not received a card, please contact the Business Office to have one mailed out to you. A $25 fee is assessed for all new card requests after the initial activation.**


Q.  If I have student loans and tuition assistance, when will I receive a refund?

A.   Funds are applied to your Baker College account in the order in which they are received.  If your student loans are applied to your account prior to receipt of your Tuition Assistance funds, these funds will be used to pay off your balance with the school.  Once your balance for a quarter is zero, any remaining funds, including funds from your Tuition Assistance, will be refunded to you through Higher One, so your Baker One card must be activated.


Q.  When is my payment due?

A. Payment is due on or before the first day of class.  A late fee of 30.00 may be assessed to any outstanding balance.


Q.  How can I make a payment?

A.  Credit or debit card payments can be made on the web by logging into the Solar/Star System. Go to Departments>Business Office and the web payment option is located on the Business Office page. Payments can also be made by personal check, money order, or credit cards via mail at 1116 W. Bristol Rd., Flint, MI  48507.  Credit or debit card payments can be phoned into the Business Office at (800) 796-7064.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  (The four digit verification code on the front of the American Express card must be included for processing.  The transaction will be declined without it.)


Q.  Are there any installment payment options?

A.  You may choose to set up an automatic deduction from your credit card, savings account or checking account through the Facts Management e_Cashier website.  Full or partial payment options are available depending on when you sign up for the installments. The e_Cashier link can be found at www.baker.edu. At the top of the page, select the Current Students tab. From here, choose “Online” from the list of campuses, then select “Departments”>”Business Office.” The e_Cashier link is located under the Contact Information link in the upper left-hand corner of the Business Office page. There is a $25 processing fee for installment agreements.


Q.  How can I obtain an invoice for a current quarter, or a previous quarter?

A.  Invoices/E- notifications are emailed on or about the 15th of each month. You can also view your account balance information at any time by logging into the Solar/Star System and selecting the Business Office link. The Account Inquiry option offers balance information and statements for a specific quarter that can also be viewed, saved or printed


Q.  What is the employer tuition reimbursement program?

A.  The employer tuition reimbursement program is a tuition deferment program available to students whose employer pays tuition costs.  This program allows the student to defer payment until week six of the following quarter.  An employer tuition reimbursement contract must be signed by the student and submitted along with a letter on company letterhead or a copy of the company policy stating the guidelines for tuition payments made by the employer.   Any proportion of tuition not paid by the employer must be paid by the student by the first day of each class.  A twenty-five dollar fee is assessed each quarter for this program.  It is the student’s responsibility to submit the invoice and grades to the employer.  The employer will not be billed directly.

***Books are not included in the tuition reimbursement program and must be paid in full at the time of the order.


Q.  I have employer tuition assistance, how does this work?

A.  If your employer issues a voucher, letter of credit, or tuition assistance form for tuition, you must turn this documentation into the Business Office upon receipt.  Please verify that all information regarding start date(s), course name(s) and number(s) is correct.  The College will invoice your employer using this document, after second session classes begin.  Payment is sent directly to the College.  Any unpaid balance is the responsibility of the student and must be paid in full by the first day of class. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the voucher.  The College will not invoice your employer unless you have turned in the voucher. 


Q.  Why am I dropped from a class I did not withdraw from?

A.  You can be dropped from a course for non-attendance, excessive absence, or non-payment.  Please contact either the Academic office for non-attendance issues, or the Business Office for non-payment issues. Please check your email account regularly.  The Business Office will email you regarding non-payment issues prior to being removed from class.


Q.  How can I change my address, phone number, or E-mail address information?

A.  All changes regarding address, and E-mail can be made through the Solar System.   Any changes to your name, driver’s license number or social security information will require legal documentation.  Please contact the Academic office at (888)211-8915 or fax (810)766-2003 regarding these types of changes.


Q.  Why can’t I register on-line?

A.  If you have an outstanding balance of any kind with Baker College you will not be allowed to register on-line until the balance is paid in full.  If your account has been sent to collections, or you have a past due balance, you will not be able to register on-line.  Contact the Business Office at 800-796-7064.


Q.  What is the policy for GI Bill payments?

A.   If you will be using your GI Bill to pay for your tuition, payment is due by the end of each quarter. If you have not received your VA payment by that date, you are still responsible for paying this balance. Finance charges may be applied after this date.

Financial aid may be available to you, so please apply for this if you think you may have problems paying the balance in the case of a delayed VA payment.  All certification for the GI payments are processed by the Academic Office.  If you have not been certified, please call 888-211-8915.


Q.  Can I use future financial aid funds to cover a prior balance?

A.  In accordance with Federal regulations, the College cannot automatically use future loan funds to cover a prior quarter balance. If there are any excess loan funds available after your tuition and books have been paid during the current quarter, the funds will be released to you as a refund and it remains your responsibility to pay your prior quarter balance in full.                         


Q.  Why was my financial aid/student loan reduced?

A. Any changes made to registration for a specified term may result in changes to financial aid and/or student loans awarded. Reducing the number of credit hours for a term or ceasing to attend through the last day of class (official or unofficial withdrawal) can result in reductions to grants and/or loans, which can create a balance due to the College. Please contact the Business Office at 800-796-7064 to inquire as to how these schedule changes may affect your awards and account prior to requesting the change.

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