Academic Office

At Baker, our Academic Office is designed to meet all of your academic concerns. Our counselors are trained to help you achieve your educational objectives. If you are in need of academic, career, or personal counseling we provide you with the appropriate information and resources to help achieve your academic goals.

If you are looking for transcripts or other academic records, our registrars are ready to help. They are available for consultation regarding changing your program and other course registration concerns.

Academic Staff

Carol L. Dowsett, EdD
Vice President for Academics
(989) 729-3405

Voula Erfourth
Director of Advising and Learning Support Services
(989) 729-3406

Brian Ryckman
Director of Library Services
(989) 729-3327

Lynn Rogers
Director of the Auto/Diesel Institute of Michigan
(989) 729-3371

Deans and Other Program Related Staff

Randy Paape
Dean of Business and Office Administration
(989) 729-3381

Phyllis Seelye
Dean of Developmental Education
(989) 729-3463

Pam Carlson
Teacher Preparation Site Coordinator
(989) 729-3413

Jeremy Eccles, PhD
Dean of General Education
(989) 729-3387

Tom Kurtz
Dean of CIS and Technology
(989) 729-3407

Christy Verity
(989) 729-3366

Laura Burroughs
Dean of Education and Human Service
(989) 729-3384

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