Severe Weather Information

Michigan's seasons bring the potential for severe weather. Spring, summer and even fall have the potential for severe storms and tornadoes. This is a good time to remind everyone where the tornado shelters are located for each of the classroom and community buildings on our campus.


Building #1 (Classroom):

Basement wing corridor on the southeast side of Bldg., bathroom in basement wing, 1st floor north/south interior corridor.

Building #2 (Academics):

Evacuate 2nd floor, if possible seek shelter in basement wing of Bldg. #1 (Radiology department), if not,  1st floor bathrooms.

Building #3 (Campus Safety/Residence Life Offices):

Evacuate 2nd floor, if possible seek shelter in basement wing of Bldg. #1 (Radiology department), if not, bathroom or corridor nearest center of bldg.

Building #4 (Career Services):

Evacuate 2nd floor, if possible seek shelter in Bldg. #7 locations, if not, bathrooms on 1st floor.

Building #5 (Financial Aid Office):

Evacuate 2nd floor, if possible seek shelter in Bldg. #7 locations, if not, bathroom on 1st floor and file room.

Building #6 (Business Office):

Evacuate 2nd floor, if possible seek shelter in Bldg. #7 locations, if not, bathrooms on 1st floor and corridors away from windows.

Building #7 (Student Center/Gymnasium/Food for Thought/Bookstore):

DO NOT SEEK SHELTER IN GYM OR COMMONS AREA. Use bathrooms on north/south corridor across from gym, or the corridor outside bathrooms/lockers.  The Bookstore stock room can be used during business hours.

Building #8 (Utilities Building):

DO NOT SEEK SHELTER IN BLDG. #8, seek shelter in Bldg. #7 locations.

Building #9 (Kurtz Hall):

Evacuate 2nd floor, use basement /Rec Room and Laundry Room for shelter.

Building #10 (Hoddy Hall):

Evacuate 2nd and 3rd floors, use 1st floor hall (lower level) at the west end, or 1st floor corridor & bathrooms on east end of Bldg.

Building #11 (Library/Support Services):

Use the Receiving, Storage and Employee Breakrooms on the east side, or the bathrooms on the west side of the building.

Building #12 (Early Learning Center):

Use the bathrooms and breastfeeding room on east side of Bldg., or interior walls away from windows.

Building #14 (Faculty Office & Classrooms):

Evacuate 2nd floor, use 1sr floor east and west corridors and bathrooms. If accessible, use room 1415 and Faculty Commons.

Building #15 (Bentley Campus):

Evacuate 2nd & 3rd floors, use storage area near elevator on 1st floor, bathrooms and interior stairwells on the basement level; 1st floor bathrooms.

Building #16 (Center for Technical Studies):

Use bathrooms, locker room, both north/south corridors, interior classrooms without windows.

Building #17 (Baker Hall):

Evacuate 2nd floor, use 1st floor east wing hallway.                                             

Building #18 (Maintenance):

Evacuate to Bldg. #9 (Kurtz Hall) or #10 (Hoddy Hall) if possible, or use bathrooms on north side of Bldg.

Building #19 (Welcome Center):

Evacuate Room ‘B’, use bathrooms, interior rooms/offices/corridors away from windows.

Building #20 (Krouse Road Building):

Evacuate high bay areas and electronics labs, use interior bathrooms, classrooms, corridors away from windows.

Building #21 (Health Sciences):

Evacuate 2nd floor, use 1st floor interior classrooms, corridors and bathrooms.

Building #22 (ADI Building):

Evacuate high bay areas and lobby, use interior offices, classrooms, corridors and bathrooms

Sheltering in Place – The safest shelter areas are small windowless interior rooms or interior corridors on the lowest available floor. Try and choose a location with as many walls between you and the outside world as possible. Crouch down, make yourself as small as possible. If you have something to cover your head, do so, if not, use your hands. Take cover under something sturdy like a desk or table, if possible.

Stay away from windows and exterior doors.

Do not use elevators during severe weather.

Do not seek shelter in the gymnasium or other large free span room.

There are emergency intercoms located in each classroom building linked directly to Campus Safety. Instructors should be aware of their location and may use the if they are unsure of what to do or if they have an emergency situation.


City Of Owosso Outdoor Siren Warning Signals

Severe weather status is communicated to the greater Owosso area by the Owosso outdoor siren warning system and can be heard on campus. To avoid confusion, the following descriptions outline what each of the signals mean:

A). A STEADY TONE indicates a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING has been issued.
B). A WAILING TONE is used to indicate a TORNADO WARNING.

In either case, Campus Safety continually monitors the weather via the National Weather Service radio and will be active in communicating the need for further action and to disseminate any additional information as needed.

Baker Alert System

The Baker Alert System notifies the campus community of emergencies and threats to physical safety in emergency situations: tornado, violence, hazardous material incident, college closure, etc. Notification is by cell phone, landline phone, e-mail and text-message.
When a threat or campus emergency is identified, Baker Alert uses contact information from the college's official directory data (updated via the SOLAR System) to simultaneously send thousands of messages directly to students, faculty, and staff using cell phone numbers, home phone numbers, office phone numbers, e-mail and text messages.
The system automatically includes all current students, faculty, and staff on a specific campus, based on their presence in the Baker Directory. However, you should make sure the SOLAR System Directory has up-to-date information for you. And if you want to be notified by cell phone, voice, and/or text-message, you'll need to make sure your appropriate numbers are included in the Baker Alert database.

If you want to change your emergency contact information, log in to the SOLAR System and edit your contact information to add or check your emergency contact number(s).

Weather Closings

In the event classes are cancelled for inclement weather, students will be notified via the Baker College Emergency Alert System. This system sends out notices via telephone, email, and text messages. The College will also notify area radio and television stations about closings and cancellations, but our official sources for announcements about class cancellations are the College website at, the weather hotline at (989)729 3390, and the Baker College Emergency Alert System.

If the College is open but snow and ice prevent you from making it to school, please contact your teacher to notify him or her of your absence.

The Baker College System