Campus Credo

Baker College of Owosso staff and faculty understand that every interaction we have with our customers can greatly impact their overall educational experience.  One employee going above and beyond to meet a customer's needs can lead to yet another success story.  Therefore, we the employees at Baker College of Owosso, make a personal commitment to provide exceptional customer service to each other, as well as to each and every customer we encounter.

 Our Commitment to Our Customers

  • Seek to exceed expectations - look for opportunities to go above and beyond.
  • Communicate our standards and policies politely, holding to their application consistently.
  • Model excellent professional skills in dress, speech, and behavior.
  • Greet every customer, every time, everywhere with a friendly smile.
  • Make eye contact and demonstrate respect.
  • Put ourselves in their shoes, be empathetic to our customers' needs and situations.
  • Promptly and courteously answer all phone calls.
  • Treat all correspondence with importance, respond to all messages before the end of the next business day, even if only to acknowledge receipt.
  • Take ownership for all customer interactions; follow through.
  • Hold ourselves accountable for our actions.
  • Admit it's OK if we don't know the answer, but find someone who does.
  • Be an ambassador for the College and promote it with conviction.
  • Acknowledge if an error has been made, and make it right.
The Baker College System