Getting The Most From Your Website

Getting The Most From Your Website

This Website was designed with you, the Baker College student, in mind. All of the information you will need is conveniently divided into four major sections.


This section contains information about all of the entities that are required for Baker College to function efficiently; such as the Academic Office, Business Office, Campus Safety, Financial Aid, and so on.

If you need information about obtaining a copy of your transcript or anything pertaining to grades, for example, you can find it under Departments > Academic Office.


This section contains everything you need to find and request books and other media and reference materials. There is a wealth of information available to you through the libraries at Baker College. If you have any questions or suggestions or don't quite know how to get started, our talented, friendly team of Librarians are just waiting to help you.

Programs & Courses

This section details the specific programs of study available at your Baker College campus. Click the program name and you will find a list of all of the certificates, associate, and bachelor degrees available within the program. From there, you are able to view the complete course list for the program. If you click the course number, you will get a description of the class, as well as its prerequisites.

Some programs have also developed Program Websites. They can be found in this section, as well. If you don't see a Website for your program of interest, contact the Dean for more information.


This section contains all of the other areas that support you as a student at Baker College. Important information and events can be found under the Campus Calendar and Newsletters section. Find out more about your campus and the local community under the About section. The Bookstore, Helpdesk, and Learning Support Services are all here to serve you, the Student, and as such, more information about the services they provide can be found under this section. Student Organizations on each campus help to round out the complete college experience, so check them out and find out how you can get involved.

If your campus offers Housing, Food Services, and/or Daycare, you guessed it; this is where you find out all about it.

Newly available on every campus for Fall 2007, you can sign up to receive text messages on your cell phone anytime a campus alert is issued. Alerts would include school closings and other emergency messages that need to be communicated in real-time. Just provide your cell number, carrier, and an alternate email - and you will always be in the know. You will need to sign-up quarterly, as all of the numbers are purged from our system at the end of each quarter. We will use the provided email address to notify you before the system is purged and invite you to subscribe for the upcoming quarter. If you want to unsubscribe before the end of the quarter, simply return to this section of the Website and click the "Unsubscribe From Receiving Text Alert Messages" link.

Alerts and other important, but not necessarily emergency, messages also scroll along the bottom of the home page of this Website. Alerts are displayed in red.

Other Features

Your newly designed Website also features "Breadcrumbs" at the top of each page, to help you navigate the site more effectively. If you get "lost" in a section, you can easily see and return to any of the previous sections by clicking that link of the breadcrumb.

Your Feedback

Again, this site has been designed and developed for YOU, so we would love to hear from you. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know.

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