Weather Closings

Weather Closings


If the College declares a snow day, it will be reported on the following radio and TV stations for them to announce:

AM Stations FM Stations TV
 760 WJ 96.9 WBTI 4 WDIV
1110 CKTY  97.7 WMIC 7 WXYZ (FOX)
 1340 WLEW  99.9 CFGX  
 1380 WPHM  102.3 WGRT  
 1452 WHLS  107.1 WSAQ  
 1070 CHOK    

In addition, you can call the college WEATHER LINE AT (810) 989-2328 for Cancellation information.
Morning snow day announcements are made to Cancel day classes only.  If evening classes are also cancelled, a later announcement will be made.

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