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  1. The high school is eligible to recommend articulation credit to Baker College for any of the courses listed on the Baker College Articulation web site for a period not to exceed three years from the date of this agreement.
  2. The high school teacher or training provider will recommend for articulation credit only those approved courses for which the student has met each Baker College course outcome with a minimum of 80 percent accuracy. (Some health sciences courses may have a minimum accuracy percentage higher than 80 percent.)
  3. The student must enroll in Baker College within two years (24 months) after high school graduation to be eligible for College credit under this articulation agreement.
  4. Articulation credit is granted on a course-by-course basis (see the Baker College Future Student website’s Articulation Credits link for eligible courses).
  5. Articulation credit is available only for college courses at the 100 and 200 level. Articulation is not available for general education courses including math and English. Waiver or placement testing is available for math and English courses.
  6. If an articulated course is part of a sequence within the student’s chosen program, articulation credit will be granted after a C or higher grade is earned in the next course in the sequence.
  7. Articulation credit accepted toward completion of a program will appear on the Baker College transcript by course title and credit hour with the letter grade "R". An “R” grade will not be included in the student’s GPA calculation.
  8. The student articulating credit must meet and maintain the prerequisites and academic requirements of his/her intended program of study at Baker College. Articulation credit may not be accepted in some Baker College programs including Limited Enrollment Programs.
  9. Tuition is waived for articulation credit, and no additional courses will be added to the student's program to make up for the articulated credits. Students may be granted articulation credit for courses not in their program. In such cases, credit earned will appear on the student's Baker College transcript but will not substitute for a required course on his/her program.
  10. College credit for articulated courses will be limited to 12 quarter hours toward a certificate program, 24 quarter hours toward an associate's degree program, and 48 quarter hours toward a bachelor's degree program.
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