How to Apply & Forms

How to Apply

  1. The student must first apply for admission to Baker College by submitting to the Campus Admissions Office:
    • A  Baker College Application for Admission
    • The application fee
    • An official copy of his/her high school transcript
  2. The high school teacher/counselor/trainer submits a completed Baker College Application for Articulation, found in the Forms section below, to the campus Admissions Office requesting the amount of articulation credit the student is eligible for, as noted in the Agreement for Articulation with Baker College. A completed and signed Articulation Competency Record (ACR) for each requested course must be submitted along with the Application for Articulation. Articulation Competency Records are available on the Articulated Courses page.
  3. A Baker College Dean/designee will verify the credit, process the application, and notify the student of classes accepted for the articulation approval process.
  4. Prior to registration, the student and a Baker College Dean/designee will sign and date the Baker College Application for Articulation form. Copies are made for the student and the student's file.
  5. The Baker College Dean/designee will notify the student's high school of the amount of credit pending and the equivalent in tuition dollars.
  6. The Baker College Registrar will post articulation credit as "pending credit" prior to successful completion of one quarter at Baker College or the successful completion of any sequential courses. (Sequential courses must be completed within one year after the student enrolls at Baker College.) The College reserves the right to deny credit if a student does not achieve a GPA of 2.0 or higher during the first quarter of attendance.
  7. Students are advised that articulation credit generally is not transferable credit and may not be accepted at another college other than Baker College.

Articulation Forms


Competency Check Sheets

  • Each Articulation Competency Record (ACR) is available by clicking on the course from the Articulated Courses page.
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