Participating Schools

Participating Schools

The following high schools, career/tech centers, and training programs have established an articulation agreement with Baker College.  If your school is not listed below and you wish to establish an Agreement for Articulation, please contact the Baker College campus in your vicinity.

Newaygo County Career Tech Center

Baker College of Muskegon

ACC 121 Fundamentals of Accounting I
AST111A Introduction to Automotive Electrical
CSC121A Network Fundamentals
CSC221A Router Protocols and Concepts
CUL105 Introduction to Gastronomy
CUL115 Culinary Math
CUL141 Nutrition
DSL101 Diesel Engine Theory
ECE101B Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECE131A Healthy Environments for Early Childhood
EET115 DC Circuits
EET125 AC Circuits
GRC104 Introduction to Digital Design/Illustration
GRC121 Introduction to Desktop Publishing
HSC100B Community First Aid
INF112 Word Processing
INF113 Electronic Spreadsheets
INF114A Introduction to Database Applications
INF141A PowerPoint
MED103 Medical Terminology
MGT231 Small Business Management
NET101 Networking Essentials I
NET102 Networking Essentials II
OAD121 Technologies and Procedures I
SCI100F Structure and Function of the Human Body
WPG122 Introduction to Document Processing
WPG123 Intermediate Document Processing
WPG224 Advanced Document Processing

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