Global Bridge Program

Global Bridge Program

Baker College is happy to be a part of the Global Bridge Program, designed to give qualified international students the chance to begin their collegiate coursework in the United States, complete with ESL support and cultural immersion trips to get students acquainted with the local community. This is a collaborative effort between Global Bridge program at Baker College and Bond Education Group, available only to students from Bond Education Group.

About the Global Bridge Program

  • Baker College offers full admission, as well as room and board at an on-campus residence hall.
  • Students receive 3-9 hours of ESL classroom time a week, and spend every weekend on cultural immersion programs.

Admission to the Global Bridge Program

  • Students with a TOEFL (or equivalent) score of 500 or above are qualified to be in the program. These students will receive three hours of ESL per week, along with four regular courses for the first term.
  • Students with a TOEFL (or equivalent) score of 450 - 499 are offered conditional admission. These students receive nine hours of ESL per week, and two regular courses for the first term.

Application Procedures for the Program

Bond Education Group and Global Bridge will assist interested Bond candidates in preparing and submitting the required application materials to the Baker College Office of Admissions. Each candidate must complete and submit the following:

  • Baker College Application for Admission
  • Official Secondary School Transcripts
  • Official English Proficiency Testing Information (TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent)
  • Financial Declaration

Applying to the program takes four simple steps.

  1. Inform a representative from Bond of your interest in the program through Baker College.
    • Bond Education Group and Global Bridge will arrange info sessions for the students to learn more about Baker College and academic life in America.
    • Bond Education Group screens and assists interested candidates in preparing the required application materials as stated above.
  2. Bond will screen and recommend candidates to Global Bridge.
    • Bond Education Group and Global Bridge will assist candidates in completing applications and preparing for the required application materials.
    • Bond Education Group will assist candidates in English proficiency exams (such as TOEFL).
  3. Bond Education Group sends completed applications to Global Bridge for review.
  4. Representatives from Baker's Undergraduate Admission Team, Global Bridge, and Bond Education Group officially interview qualified candidates.
    • Bond and Global Bridge will prepare the students for the interview beforehand, and will arrange the interviews.
    • Baker College will review complete applications and turn-around decisions within one business week.
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