Undergraduate Requirements

Undergraduate Admission Procedures

Admission Policy Statement

Baker College has a “right-to-try” admission policy.

  1. All students who have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent, such as a General Educational Development certificate (GED) are accepted.
  2. Students who have not earned a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate may be admitted on the basis of test results.
  3. Baker College admits students without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, or disability.
  4. As a “right-to-try,” institution, Baker College does not require either the ACT or SAT as a condition of admission. However, if a student chooses to take either or both tests we encourage him/her to request that the test results be sent to the Baker College campus of his/her choice.

Applications for Acceptance to Baker College are Available:

  1. Through high school counseling departments. Baker College works closely with high school counselors by supplying them with catalogs and applications. The admissions advisors at Baker College also make periodic visits to area high schools to furnish them with new information concerning Baker College programs. It is highly recommended that students take advantage of their high school counselors’ expertise and assistance in completing the forms for admission, financial aid, and scholarships.
  2. On Campus. Students are encouraged to make an appointment to talk with one of the College’s admissions advisors. Applications may then be completed and application fees paid. Students will be tentatively accepted, pending proof of high school graduation (usually a high school transcript or copy of a GED with acceptable scores). Students taking the Ability to Benefit test must complete either the COMPASS or ASSET test with appropriate scores prior to submitting an application to the College.
  3. By Mail. Applications are included with a current catalog of courses. Completed applications may be forwarded to the College, along with the application fee, and a copy of the student’s high school transcript or GED. It is very important that students visit the College, even when they apply by mail.
  4. Online through this site.

How to Apply for Admission

  1. The prospective student must fill out the application as completely as possible.
  2. The prospective student must return the application along with the $20 application fee to the Baker College campus the student wishes to attend. If the prospective student is not accepted, the $20 application fee will be refunded. If the student is accepted, the fee is non-refundable.
  3. Whenever possible, a copy of the prospective student’s final high school transcript or GED should accompany the application.
  4. The prospective student will be contacted by the Admissions Office as soon as the application is received.
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