Questions to ask yourself:

What position are you applying for?

What is the job market for that position?

Where do you want to live? And more!

Before you relocate, consider the following in planning your move. Answer these questions:

  1. What position will you be applying for?
  2. What is the job market for that position?
  3. Is the position which interests you realistic considering your work experience and educational background?
  4. If not, what may be a good starting position?
  5. Where do you want to live? (We suggest targeting two to three major cities.)
  6. Do you have the funds available to make long distance phone calls and to secure a deposit on an apartment?
  7. Do you have a personal network base in the target area?


Relocation Marketing Campaign


  1. Research companies who may hire individuals with your skills. Suggested guides: Hoover's Handbook and Standard & Poor's
  2. Make phone calls to find a contact person. (i.e. "My name is Joe Smith, and I am interested in applying for a position in accounting. Who's attention should I direct my resume to?")
  3. Send a resume with a personalized cover letter indicating that you will be contacting them the following week regarding opportunities with their company.
  4. Follow up with a phone call confirming that your resume was received and reiterating your interest in working for that organization.


Set up informational interviews with local companies and firms that may have subsidiaries or branches in your location of interest. Ask for a contact name, and if the interview goes well, a referral.


  1. Local Telephone Directory: Provides a listing of businesses in your target area. Apply directly in the manner stated above.
  2. Chamber of Commerce: Provides a listing of successful businesses in the area. When you phone the Chamber of Commerce for your targeted location to ask for a copy of the directory, ask to speak with someone who can give you advice on which companies you might want to apply with. State your job interests, why you are interested in that specific target area, and your skill level. Follow up with leads in the above specified manner.
  3. Newspaper: Subscribe to the Sunday-only mail subscription of the local newspaper. Reply to all positions for which you would qualify. Be sure to include in your cover letter that you will be relocating to the area.
  4. Trade Journals and Publications: Utilize nationwide periodicals to screen for open positions in your target location.
  5. Network: Give your resume to family and friends in the location considered for distribution. Always send thank-you notes to individuals who have given you a lead or assisted you in any way.
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