Concept Mapping


Strategy:                Concept Mapping

Time:                       10-20 minutes

Intent:                    Concept mapping is a graphic or visual organizer that helps students generate ideas, demonstrate relationships between concepts, and organize ideas in a meaningful way.


  • Identify a main concept and write it in the middle of the board.
  • If you have a large group of students, divide the board in half and have two different groups working on a concept map.
  • Have students identify concepts that are related to the main concept and write them on the board around the main concept.
  • Ask students to draw a line between related concepts and write a verb that shows the relationship of the concepts on the connecting line.
  • Repeat this process connecting new concepts to the related concepts.
  • Throughout this process, encourage discussion about which concepts should be included, which should not, and in what ways they are related.
  • After each group completes their concept maps, have them switch sides and add additional ideas.


  • Concept maps assist students in generating and organizing ideas in a visual manner, internalizing strategies for organizing information, and practicing mapping as a strategy.
  • Concept maps are a valuable tool for faculty because they provide information about students’ understanding before proceeding. An instructor can examine how well a topic is understood by observing the sophistication and depth of the concept map.
  • Encourage students to use different colored markers, and draw pictures/visuals that symbolize/support concepts.


  • Students can write down concepts related to the main concept on sticky notes. The separate groups can work together to decide how each is placed on the board in relationship to the main concept.
  • This can be done on chart paper in small groups. Have groups post papers around the room and have everyone look at other groups’ work and add additional ideas.
  • Inspiration Software, Inc. – Visual learning tool that inspires students to develop and organize their ideasmapping software


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Classroom Assessment Technique: Concept Maps: (6:28 minutes)

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