Pairs Check


Activity:                 Pairs Check

Time:                       5-20 minutes


Allows students to review work with a peer and provides an opportunity for students to communicate their thinking to students.


  • Ask each student to pair up with another student
    • Each pair will have a student A and a student B.
  • Give each pair a set of problems.
  • In pairs, student A will do the first problem explaining the steps to student B, while student B acts as a coach. When the pair agrees on the solution, they move to the next problem.
  • Next, student B does the next problem, explaining the steps, while student A acts as a coach. They agree on the solution.
  • Ask pairs, when finished with two problems, to pair up with another pair of students. Both pairs (4 students) must agree on the solutions to the first two problems.
  • The process is repeated for additional problems.



  • It is a good way for shyer or more reticent students, in particular, to take the time to express their thoughts and questions.
  • It is low risk for shy or passive students or students who may lack confidence.
  • It gives students the opportunity to verbalize their thought processes while explaining the steps.
  • It allows students to learn from one another.


  • Have students do exercises individually before class. One student explains his/her answer on a question to another student, and they discuss it. Then, they reverse roles for the next question. Answers are agreed upon before sharing with the whole team.
  • Teammates help each other understand answers to exercises so that any member of the team may be called upon to answer any one of the questions.


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                                    Kagan Strategy: Pairs Check






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