Question Creation


Teaching Strategies for a Learner-Centered Classroom

Strategy:                Question Creation

Time:                       5-20 minutes

Intent: To have students develop a set of questions related to class content or a problem.


  • Have students brainstorm possible questions related to course content.
  • Have students select 2-3 best questions and explain why each question is a good question.


  • Encourages students to think critically about course content.
  • Can be used to generate potential questions for projects, exams, checks for understanding, etc.


  • Students can write questions on flip chart pages and post them around the room.  This is especially useful if other students are expected to provide answers.
  • Questions can be answered by other students as part of a larger assignment or class discussion.
  • Alternatively, instructor can answer questions posed by students as part of the instruction.

Additional Information:

  • Suggested use of this activity with a news article:

  • Generic Question Stems

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