Think Write Pair Share


Strategy:         Think/Write/Pair/Share

Time:               10-15 minutes

Intent:             This is a good way for you and your students to verify what has been learned by comparing lecture notes, doing a quiz review, checking for comprehension on reading assignments, and responding to discussion questions.


  • Pose a question or problem to your students such as:
    • Summarize in your own words __________.
    • What is the difference between __________ and __________?
    • How does __________ affect __________?
    • What is another way to look at __________?
    • If you apply __________ how does it affect __________?
  • Give students a couple of minutes to reflect and write a response to the question or problem posed.
  • Have each student pair with another student to compare/contrast answers.
  • If the answers are not in agreement, have students explain to each other how they reached their answers, and decide on a mutual response.
  • Ask a few students to share their own answers, their partners’ answers, or the discussion they had with each other.


  • Allows students time to formulate an opinion on a topic and then share it with another student before sharing with the entire class.
  • Class size is not an obstacle because this activity can be used with any size class to get students involved with the material.
  • Activity is a good “warm-up” to use during earlier class sessions if you plan to increase class discussions as the term progresses.
  • Even if their answers/responses are incorrect, students are still learning as they discuss the problems with a partner and come up with the correct responses.


  • A shorter version of this - Think/Pair/Share (minus the individual writing) can be used if time is limited.


Additional Information:

                        Think-Pair-Share (1:30 minutes)




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