USA Funds Life Skills

This online program was developed to help students with basic life management skills, so they can graduate on time with a minimum amount of student loan debt. The online financial literacy program offers 30 life lessons designed to address the unique personal finance issues of college students. The lessons cover a wide range of personal finance topics including budgeting, managing credit, wise spending and identity theft. USA Funds Life Skills places special emphasis on managing and repaying student loans.

The life lessons curriculum covers the following topics:

  • 100 level lessons will help you find resources to pay for college, understand the steps required to apply for financial aid and prepare to repay your student loans
  • 200 level lessons will help you manage your school and personal life by living on a budget, select the right program of study and set career, financial and educational goals
  • 300 level lessons will help you search for a job, prepare for an interview and understand the details related to life after graduation
  • 400 level lessons will help you manage your credit card debt, understand credit scores and reports and protect yourself from identity theft
  • 600 level lessons will help you survive and pay for graduate school, manage debt during school and prepare for life after graduate school
  • 700 level lessons will help couples - where at least one person is in school - balance time, money and relationships with the demands of completing graduate school

New users are required to complete a simple, one-time registration process. Once the initial registration process has been completed, only your username and password are required for future visits. To get started with the registration process and to complete the lesson plans, please follow or print the following guide.


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