Nelnet Diversified Solutions

Nelnet Diversified Solutions (NDS) is a student loan servicer that Baker College has selected to partner with to help students better understand and successfully complete their student loan repayment process. NDS receives, with Baker College approval, a series of student loan servicing reports from the various student loan servicers containing loan repayment information on Baker College students. This information includes borrowers who are in-school, in a grace period, in repayment and who may be in a delinquent status. They offer two types of services: Financial Wellness and Responsible Repay.

Financial Wellness focuses on student loan borrowers who are in-school. NDS will contact borrowers once a year, while in-school, to give advice on current outstanding loan balances, what type of payment amount a borrower may expect on the balance owed and give advice on any financial literacy issues.

Responsible Repay contacts borrowers before payments begin (during loan grace period), as well as when payments are late, to help put them on a path to financial wellness. Responsible Repay uses a consultative approach focused on curing loans through repayment plans while helping borrowers learn financial responsibility along the way.

Student loan borrowers are contacted through various communication channels that surpass the approach of phone calls during business hours. This includes:

  • telephone calls by NDS agent
  • e-mails
  • text messages (with borrower's approval)
  • automated telephone messages with an option to connect with an agent
  • automated telephone message blasts
  • mailed letters

In order to contact NDS directly, please call 877-402-5817.

If you are a Baker College student loan borrower and would like to receive text alerts and information about your student loan, log on to and enter your Responsible Repay account number. This number can be found on any e-mail or letter NDS has sent to you.

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