Baker College Adult Education Scholarship

Baker College Adult Education Scholarship

Baker College will award scholarships to current adult high school graduates who have shown a high level of academic success. Recipients will be chosen based on achievement and academic success while a student of the adult high school education program. The scholarships cover up to the cost of tuition for 2 classes each quarter. If the student is eligible for financial aid, the aid must be used first to cover direct costs of tuition, books, and fees; the scholarship is then applied to the balance. Any unused portion of the scholarship must be returned to the college.

The award must begin either the summer or fall quarter after graduation, and continue for three consecutive quarters of the current school year. If the student maintains a 2.50 GPA while attending Baker College, the scholarship can be renewed for a second year.

Requirements and Guidelines:
Recipients are required to be accepted to attend Baker College as of June 1. Recipients must maintain a 2.50 GPA while attending Baker College, and maintain continuous enrollment with the exception of summer quarter. It is recommended that financial aid be applied for by June1.

How to Apply:
Candidates must request an application form. An adult high school instructor's recommendation must accompany the application. The scholarship application is to be turned in to the adult high school scholarship chairperson, and he/she will mail the completed application to the selected campus. Send all items to your local campus.

Required Application Materials:
To be considered for the Adult Education Scholarship, Baker College must receive the following application materials postmarked by June 1:

____ Application for admission to Baker College
____ Scholarship application form
____ Instructor's recommendation
____ Adult high school final transcript

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