Baker College Board of Regent's Scholarship

Baker College Board of Regent's Scholarship

Baker College provides tuition scholarships to high school graduates who have achieved a cumulative high school grade point average of at least 3.50. Scholarship applicants will be judged and selected solely on the basis of academic performance (G.P.A.) through grades 9-11 or through the end of the first semester of their senior year in high school. These scholarships can be worth up to one-half of the cost of the student's tuition for the quarter enrolled and can be renewed for a period of up to four consecutive years. Financial need is not a criterion for this award. Total financial awards may not exceed the total cost of tuition, books, and dormitory (if applicable).

Requirements and Guidelines:
Recipients are required to enroll as full-time students at Baker College and must enter during either the summer or fall quarter following graduation from high school. Recipients must maintain a minimum of 3.00 GPA while attending Baker College and enrollment must be continuous with the exception of summer quarter. The award may not be used in conjunction with the Michigan Business Association Scholarship (MBSA).

How to Apply:
High school seniors with a 3.5 GPA or higher interested in becoming candidates should request an application form. Please request a principal, counselor, and teacher to write letters of recommendation and attach them to your application. A counselor or other high school official must complete the remaining portion of the application and send it to Baker College with a copy of your most recent high school transcript. Send all items from the list below to your local campus.

Required Application Materials:

Baker College must have the following application materials postmarked by May 1 if the student wishes to be considered for the Board of Regent's Scholarship.

___ Application for admission to Baker College
___ Scholarship application form
___ Letter of recommendation (high school principal, counselor, teacher)
___ High school transcript


If you would like more information, please call the Admissions Office at your local campus.

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