Strategy for Obtaining Scholarships

Strategy for Obtaining Scholarships

Step One:

Learn good study habits no later than the 8th grade, because most scholarships are based on grades

Step Two:

Beginning with the 9th grade, students should begin to obtain as many of the qualities listed below as possible:

  • high GPA's
  • involvement with community activities
  • membership in school clubs
  • unique skills (music, sports, cheerleading, computer, accounting, math, etc.)

Step Three:

During the 10th grade, begin the search for scholarships. This may seem a bit early; however, early awareness of available scholarships will allow you time to discover such things as application deadlines and scholarship requirements. To begin the search you can:

  • Search for scholarships on the internet:
  • Check information found in the high school library or counselors' office
  • Check information at your city or county libraries
  • Check specific college catalogs or scholarship brochures

Step Four:

When sources of scholarships are identified, you should do the following:

  • Write or call each scholarship source and request an application
  • When the application is received, review the requirements and begin the process of complying
  • Send the application and other requested documents in time to meet the deadlines

Step Five:

Some of the DO's and DON'Ts about scholarship search strategies:

  • DO steps 1 - 4
  • DON'T rule yourself out; let the scholarship committee decide
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