Tuition Charges and Fees

Tuition Charges & Fees

The tuition charge per quarter hour of credit will be based on the following schedule. Tuition is subject to change at the beginning of any quarter and includes most fees.



Academic Year


Academic Year
Most undergraduate courses $215.00 $225.00
Autobody Technology courses (ABT) $245.00 $250.00
Automotive Restoration Technology (ARST) courses   $250.00
Automotive Service Technician courses (courses designated AST) $225.00 $230.00
Culinary Arts courses (CUL151, 152, 153, 201, 222A, 231, and FBM281)
(BPA111, 112, 151, 152, 153, 221, 222, and 223)
$340.00 $350.00
Dental Hygiene professional track courses (courses designated DHY) $265.00 $270.00
Diesel Technology courses (DSL) $230.00 $235.00
Electronic Health Records (HSC151) $233.00 $238.00
Developmental English with e-Labs (ENG091 and ENG098B)   $235.00
Developmental Math Course with eLabs (MTH 091 and 099E) $235.00 $245.00
Nursing (NURL, PN, and ADN-level NUR) courses $235.00 $240.00
Small Engine and Power Sports Technology (SET) courses   $230.00
Truck Driving/Transport Management courses
(TRN101A, 111, 112, 151, 161, and 201A)
$295.00 $300.00
Welding $245.00 $250.00
Center for Graduate Studies Masters Courses $390.00 $405.00
Center for Graduate Studies DBA $530.00 $550.00


COL111A - College Success Strategies $60.00 $60.00
Undergraduate Application Fee - Payable with application $20.00 $20.00
Graduate Application Fee - Payable with application $25.00 $25.00
Undergraduate/Graduate Finance Charge Fee
Any balance not paid by Friday of the sixth week of classes is subject to a finance charge.
$30.00 $30.00
Undergraduate Graduation Processing Fee
Covers cap and gown, commencement, certificate and diploma (one-time fee covers both associate and bachelor's degree)
$50.00 $50.00
Graduate Graduation Processing Fee $75.00 $75.00
Undergraduate and Graduate NSF Return Fee - Per item returned by the bank $25.00 $25.00
Fingerprinting Fee Varies Varies
Immunization Fee Varies Varies
Background Check Fee Varies Varies

Tuition Payments

Tuition may be paid at registration or in installments. If paid in installments, at least one half of the tuition plus fees must be paid by the Friday before classes start. The remaining balance must be paid by end of the sixth week of the quarter. Absenteeism and withdrawals may not reduce a student’s financial obligation. (See Refund Policy for details on tuition refunds.)

Past Due Balances

Students with outstanding balances may not be allowed to re-enroll for any quarter; to receive transcripts of credit, letters of recommendation, diplomas; to participate in commencement ceremonies; or to use any Baker College service until all his/her Baker College accounts are settled at all campuses. Also, any student with an unpaid balance at the end of the quarter may not be allowed to take final examinations.

Employer Paid Tuition

Due to the vast number of tuition arrangements, contact the campus Business Office for additional information and required documentation.

Deferred Payment Plan

The Business Office on each campus is prepared to work out flexible payment arrangements with students and/or parents. A mutually agreeable payment schedule will be set up and a contract signed. Full payment of tuition and fees must be completed by the end of the ninth week of the quarter or the student may not be permitted to take final examinations in Week 10. If the contract is not completed as agreed, any outstanding balance will be treated as a past due balance (see above).

Aviation Program Flight Instruction Fees

Baker College of Muskegon may contract with a licensed, fixed-base flight instruction operator to provide flight-training services. The Admissions Office can provide a schedule of fees for each course that includes flight instruction.

Entering students should be aware that the flight instruction fees will be charged in addition to regular Baker College tuition.

Charges for Non-Traditional Credit



Academic Year


Academic Year
Waiver Test Credit (Charge is dependent upon test.) $0 or $50 $0 or $50
Articulation Credit No Charge No Charge
Experiential Credit Assessment Fee (non-refundable)
(Tuition for credit earned is $51 per credit hour. Assessment fee will be applied toward credit earned, if applicable.)
$216.00 $224.00
Independent Study Credit Regular Tuition Regular Tuition
CLEP Test Credit $77.00 $77.00

Student Housing Costs

A room reservation/damage deposit of $50 is due when application for college-sponsored housing is submitted. The deposit will be refunded if notice of cancellation is given in writing according to the following schedule.

Fall Quarter
Prior to September 1

Winter Quarter
Prior to December 1

Spring Quarter
Prior to March 1

Summer Quarter
Prior to June 1

Room rates on each of our three residential campuses are listed below. (Estimated food costs are an additional $300 per quarter.) The timing and percentages for refunds of residence hall charges are consistent with the timing and percentages of refunds for tuition charges. Residence hall rates are subject to change at the beginning of any quarter.


Residence Hall

Baker Hall East
$1000 / person / quarter (4 student in apartment)

Baker Hall West
$1,050 / person / quarter

Living Center/Villas
$925 / person / quarter
(double occupancy)

$1,200 - $1,450 / person / quarter

Adjustment will be made if increased occupancy remains past the third week of the quarter.


On-Campus Residence Hall/Apartments
$875 / person / quarter

Baker Townhouses
$975 / person / quarter


On-campus Residence Hall
$900 - $925 / person / quarter

Woodard Station Lofts
$925 / person / quarter

The deposit and quarterly room charge will be forfeited if the student is dismissed from the residence hall during a quarter. Any damages to the room, its contents, or residence hall commons area will be charged to the student's account or withheld from the $50 room deposit, upon termination of residence.

Special reduced-occupancy rooms may be available at higher room rates. Contact the Housing Office on each campus for more information.

Tuition Deposit - International Students

International students must deposit in advance an amount equal to the normal tuition, fees, and books for one academic year. The deposit must be renewed prior to registering for the fall quarter of each succeeding year. Any unused funds on deposit at the time the student graduates or withdrawals will be refunded to the original depositor. Exception: groups of international students enrolled by prior arrangement can be exempted from this requirement by the president of the Center for Graduate Studies.

International students must also fulfill requirements for a student visa. Information about the student visa process is available from any admissions counselor. Graduate students should contact the Center for Graduate Studies directly from assistance.

These regulations do not apply to Canadian students.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available after withdrawal if you are within the College's guidelines. Please refer to the Refund Policy for more information.

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