Baker College, Cadillac Campus Clinical Simulation Laboratory

Clinical Simulation Laboratory


The Baker College of Cadillac's Clinical Simulation Laboratory is comprised of a setting simular to that of a hospital and two high fidelity human patient simulators, HAL and HAL Jr.

HAL is a tetherless, high fidelity human patient simulator that allows students to practice any of the patient care treatments or assessment skills needed at the Nursing or Paramedic level.

Our Misson

The clinical simulation laboratory is a state of the art medical training facility that will encourage all learners to engage in a clinical education experience. This experience will be in a safe, effective, realistic environment and will allow students to build self-confidence through skill mastery.

Our Vision

The mission of Baker College is to provide quality higher education and training which enable graduates to be successful throughout challenging and rewarding careers.

Our Goals

  • Allow students the opportunity to learn in a risk free, safe environment.
  • Improve student competency and efficiency in clinical skill performance through simulation experiences and repetitive practice.
  • Provide opportunities for self-reflection to improve patient care.
  • Provide clinical partners with the opportunity to enhance health professional education.
  • Facilitate the growth and development of student psychomotor skill development.
  • Keep simulations simple and as realistic as possible, offering students the best possible educational outcome.

Current College Program Participation

  • Associates Degree in Nursing
  • Certificate Emergency Medical Technician 
  • Certificate Paramedic

Why use simulation?

  • Increasing a learner’s skill development
  • Reduces human error
  • Practice skills in a controlled and safe environment
  • Facilitate on-demand access to patients
  • Provide a safe learning environment for students / professionals

What skills may be taught with simulation?

  • Communication skills
  • Appropriate and affective behavior
  • Hemodynamic monitoring
  • Assessment and decision making skills
  • Essential critical thinking skills

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