Hardware & Software Purchase Programs

Baker College partners with Apple, CDW, Dell, and Kaspersky to provide discounts to students, staff, and faculty on certain computer and computer related products. Terms and conditions of these programs are available from the retailer and arrangements for orders, delivery, and other issues are between the retailer and the purchaser of their product or service.

Baker College is making these packages available as a service to our students, staff, and faculty. As such, it is your responsibility to follow the specific program terms and conditions, including your eligibility for purchase and the retailer's rules on resale of any product.

Baker College makes no warranty, expressed or implied, and assumes no responsibility for damages or problems that arise from your use of, or inability to use, the hardware and/or software purchased under these programs. Baker College also makes no guarantee of the appropriateness or usefulness of any product offered by the retailer to meet any educational need or to be compatible with any equipment used by the College.

Baker College, in no way, endorses the use of any of these products over any other product. No such person employed by Baker College will be able to assist the purchaser of any product(s). The retailer does not provide Baker College with any information regarding the purchase(s) made through any available program.

Please visit the websites below for details about these offers:

Hardware Purchases

Software Purchases

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