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Lifetime Employment Assistance

Available to you free and forever.
Lifetime Employment Assistance Available to you free and forever.

Our single purpose is to help you prepare for employment as quickly as possible. To help ensure your success, we provide lifetime employment assistance to our students and graduates.

At Baker College, we believe college should lead to employment, not just a degree. In that spirit, our Career Services department works tirelessly to connect students and graduates to employers. Whether you’re a student in need of part-time work to help pay for college, or a graduate looking for full-time employment in your area of study, we’ll work hard to help you succeed.

We don’t hand you a degree and walk away. We care as much about what happens after you receive a degree as we do about the degree itself. Unlike many colleges and universities, we hold ourselves accountable, we track our students success, and we accurately report on the employment rates of our graduates.

Baker College is a career college, and helping you find meaningful employment is our top priority. We’re proud to say that 97% of our available graduates are employed.

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