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The Graduation Application Fee, which can be paid at your campus Business Office, is:
• $50 (Undergraduate)
• $75 (Graduate)

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Where do you attend classes?
If you attend more than one campus, including Online, select the campus where you have taken the majority of your major core classes. Students that take online classes but register through their home campus would choose their home campus, not Online.


**Intended quarter of Graduation?
Your quarter of graduation is the quarter that you will complete your final class(es). You must apply by the deadline listed in order to receive a cap/gown and have your name listed in the ceremony program. If you are completing your degree in the Summer term, but would like to walk in the June ceremonies, please abide by the deadline for the Spring term to ensure a cap/gown and your name in the program.
You may apply only for the current or a future quarter.  

Fall Quarter, Deadline November 1
Winter Quarter, Deadline February 1
Spring Quarter, Deadline April 10
Summer Quarter, Deadline August 1

**Do you plan to participate in the commencement ceremony?
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Please Note: If you would like to attend graduation at a campus other than where you attended the majority of your classes (answer from above), please contact the Registrar's Office at the campus you attended.

Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the armed services?

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If you need any type of special accommodation (i.e. wheelchair ramp) to attend a graduation ceremony, please explain below:



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