Baker College of Allen Park Introduces “SMART” Lab

January 09, 2012

Area focuses on interactive instruction for business students

Allen Park's SMART Lab
Allen Park's SMART Lab

Baker College of Allen Park has opened SMART Lab, a 1,056-square-foot area on campus dedicated to interactive instruction for business students. Developed by Baker College, SMART is an acronym for Securities, Marketing, Accounting, Research and Technology.

“Our students will now be able to obtain hands-on instruction in business rather than acquire knowledge via outdated lecture formats currently found at many other colleges,” said Aaron J. Maike, Baker College of Allen Park president. “Throughout the Baker College System, we are focused on Learner-Centered Instruction, an approach to teaching that seeks to actively engage students in their own learning. Our SMART lab is one piece of the larger picture that demonstrates Baker’s commitment to this teaching model.”

SMART lab features high definition interactive touchscreens to help students analyze market data. It has computers equipped with wide screen monitors to facilitate trading and live news feeds from CNBC.

“Our students will be trading real securities on a mock basis in the lab,” said Kevin D. Kijewski, J.D., Baker College of Allen Park business administration dean. “Looking toward to the future, there’s also a possibility of elevating trading to a competition among business students throughout the Baker College System.”

SMART lab was opened on a test basis with one course during fall 2011 quarter. With the start of 2012 winter quarter classes on January 9, it will be fully operational for all business courses. SMART lab is located in a newly renovated section of the student center on Baker’s Allen Park campus.

For more information about SMART lab or business programs at Baker College of Allen Park, please contact Steve Peterson at 1.800.767.4120.

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