Baker College of Auburn Hills Purchases Simulator for Nursing Education

April 25, 2011

Baker College of Auburn Hills has purchased METIman, a wireless simulator that includes extensive clinical features and capabilities, and is specifically designed for hands-on training and education of nursing students.

METIman – we’ve named him ‘Joe’ – is a high tech textbook,” said Amy Barry, Baker College of Auburn Hills nursing laboratory coordinator and instructor. “With Joe, our nursing students learn by doing. They have the opportunity to thoroughly assess a medical situation, and as a result, develop a high level of critical thinking, reasoning and analysis.”

The new simulator is not used for task or skills training, such as learning how to give an injection, but rather is an interactive learning and assessment tool.

“From a remote control booth we can set up a medical scenario such as an acute respiratory attack,” said Barry. “Heart rate, pulse, oxygen saturation percentages or other medical symptoms are pre-programmed into the computer. The students, who have an opportunity to prepare for this situation before coming to class, will make an assessment to determine what’s wrong. In other words, they act as detectives, apply their knowledge accordingly, and immediately see the results of their actions. Afterwards, a post-event conference is held to discuss the experience and determine what might have happened if a symptom had been overlooked. Learning by doing is wonderful training to prepare our students for rewarding nursing careers after graduation.”

Baker College of Auburn Hills nursing students use METIman to study all the body systems, including circulatory, neurological, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, genital/urinary, endocrine, metabolic, muscular, and skeletal and connective tissues. Immunology and allergic disorders as well as infectious diseases can also be programmed into the computer and assessed.

For more information about the nursing program at Baker College of Auburn Hills, contact Jan Bohlen at 248.340.0600 or via e-mail. For information about METIman, contact Amy Barry.

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