Baker College of Cadillac New Teacher Prep Program Leads to Michigan K-8 Certification

March 17, 2011

Baker College of Cadillac is offering a new Bachelor of Science in Education – elementary teacher preparation degree program. The program includes a ZS endorsement, which allows graduates to teach early childhood education (ECE) and also be the lead teacher on record for an ECE special education class. Graduates of the new program will earn Michigan K-8 certification, however the program is specifically designed for individuals interested in early childhood or kindergarten through third grade (K-3) education.

“Students who begin taking general education requirements courses this summer should be ready to embark on the professional track curriculum when it begins in fall 2012,” said Randy Hill, Baker College of Cadillac dean of education and human services. “According to job market predictions, we will see a shortage of ECE and elementary teachers within the next five years, so it’s important to begin the process as soon as possible.”

Not including special education, the need for elementary teachers in northwest Michigan is projected to increase by 120 teachers through 2014, and by 2,610 throughout Michigan. Similarly, the need for pre-school teachers is projected to grow by 21.5 percent in northwest Michigan, according to Bureau of Labor data (2008).
For more information about the new bachelor’s degree program at Baker College of Cadillac, please contact the admissions department at 231.876.3100, or Randy Hill at 231.876.3153 or via e-mail.

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